The Gulmohar Coffee Table

a lake table concept

created on 15/10/2018

The Gulmohar tree (Delonix Regia) is not considered to be of much value for its wood. Hence, it’s such a common tree seen mostly alongside roads. Ask a carpenter and he’d tell you that it’s not even the best wood to work with. There’s absolutely nothing special about it. 

This very fact is what challenged me to do something with it. That’s what Christ would do with the useless, broken and outcast. Step in and make a worthless piece to be something of high value.

The decaying centre of this trunk is what caught my eye. A prefect imperfection.

Bought this piece four years ago, treated it and let it season. Time is what makes the difference.

Here’s the result of patience, perseverance and hard work. Hope you like it.

The Johnnie Walker lamp

created on 12/10/2018

This lamp is dedicated to all you travellers, wanderers, adventurists and nomads around the world. May your paths be bright. Amen!
Like Johnny Walker says, “keep walking”. Cheers!

The Steampunk lamp

a industrial concept


created on 01/12/2017

A lamp perfect for any man-cave/industrial themed setting.

Key features:

304 rated stainless steel fittings, vintage spiral edison light bulb, 2 pressure gauges and an industrial vintage needle valve.

The Bottle Chandelier

created on 13/10/2016

A bicycle rim, an electric bulb and a few glass bottles are the simple objects that comprise this classy chandelier.

A quintessential of beauty in simplicity.

The Rustic wall

a barn concept

created on 30/08/2016

The chipping paint and leaking wall at home needed to be dealt with.

Key features:

Pallet wood panelled wall, lamps made from alcohol bottles, vintage edison electric bulbs and a vintage wall clock.


The Action  Camera mount


created on 12/10/2016

Overcoming the challenge I faced for mounting my GoPro on my motocross helmet.

Where there’s a will, there is a way.

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