JUNE, 2020


It was mid afternoon on 14/06/2020 when I learnt about the sudden demise of a very young and talented Bollywood actor —Sushant Singh Rajput.

 sushant singh rajput -Sushant Singh Rajput.



As soon as it struck me, I rushed to confirm if the news was true. And it was. Sushant had hung himself to death.


So I started pondering about the current world we live in.




The rapid suicides among celebrities proves to us that no matter how vast the chasm between the stratum in societies, no matter how rich or poor we are, the heart is extremely frail and that’s one of the things we all have in common. The same depression that affects the poor man, affects the rich man. The same emotional support that the famous craves, so does the unknown.


We are all human in the end. 








Depression is real! Its as real as cancer. But how little or how misinformed  are we about it. Cancer is substance. It can be touched, felt and seen; sometimes under the microscope. But that’s not the case with depression. 


Depression has no particular form, shape or colour. It looks like YOU and it looks like ME. 


A mirror will show you precisely what depression looks like; for what the mirror is to depression, the microscope is to cancer. Depression isn’t perceived to be as deadly as cancer and so, often is taken for granted. But the force of its winds can bend, break and uproot the mightiest of trees because it is spiritual. It’s a sensation of the spirit. It stems from the inner most place, from the foundation itself.




Having walked through it myself on the verge of suicide, one step away from my death, I chose to do the opposite. I can GUARANTEE you that no one in their right/stable frame of mind, would ever have the courage to end their life. It just means that the person has reached their threshold. What then could possibly push someone so healthy minded to such an extent?




Let me remind you —there’s no fire without smoke. Depression and the decision to end one’s life is not an overnight affair. It takes time, days, weeks, months or even years of brewing for the heart to brew itself to this breaking point.




Loneliness guys, loneliness is the greatest shareholder in compelling a life to suicide. A single post of Sushant’s had 4,00,000 likes on Instagram. Even that man’s life showed us how lonely we could be with the world running after us. It’s only because we don’t really need the world but just someone who’ll stand by us. Not asking questions, not giving advice but just hearing us rant yourselves out. We were created to be relational.




We all yearn for someone to hear us out, a shoulder that would support the weight of our head or the hands that would wipe away our tears. I’m sure the voices of our fellow brothers and sisters who have fallen asleep due to depression, cry out from the grave for the ones that are still living through it. They would want each and everyone to be saved. And we ask them to rest in peace?

Not until we have done justice to their death by learning to lend a ear to the ones still alive fighting depression. We ought to be better listeners than speakers. Our world is surrounded by hearts that are not at peace. Listen closely and you’ll hear the deafening sound of silence.






You can only be shocked when you are unaware. You can only be unaware when you haven’t had enough communication. We as a society are all equally responsible for such deaths around us. It’s because we don’t lend a ear or a helping hand while it’s needed —the great ‘bystander effect’. But when the time comes, everyone is a philosopher. By then it’s too late my friend. We’ve lost a beautiful soul. I am in no way justifying the act of suicide. Suicide should NEVER be an option. I’m only shedding light on various factors that speed up the process. And a major chunk is to do with the ‘bystander effect’.




Don’t just look, SEE. Don’t just hear, LISTEN. Depression starts off small until that spark has lit the entire forest. The tiny accumulations that build up in the pressure cooker of time one day blows its whistle.


Keep in constant touch with your near and dear ones while they’re still alive, ask them about how they’re holding up in life. Share with them your experiences.




Now, for my fellow travellers hitching a ride on the bus of depression —I have been there too. I have bought tickets of that bus, I have been a frequent commuter. Trust me, I know every crack in its sidewalks. I know what it feels.




BUT I bring along with me a great news! —there is hope. Hope that’s certainly followed by peace. This is the medicine that has helped me and I’d love for you to have it too.


“The peace of God that surpasses all understanding, will guard your heart and your minds in Christ Jesus.” -Philippians 4:7




Yes, I fought my suicidal thoughts and depression with the help of God. It may not seem too practical in a world that demands proof of existence. But God is as real as your struggle. And I’m not delusional.


You can’t fight something that is spiritual with something that is physical. Your medication (which is physical) can only do so much for your temporary peace. But what about after it’s effect wears out? You’re back to square one. Because you’ve been fighting the wrong war with the wrong weapons.


Physical cannot beat spiritual. Only iron can cut iron.




Put on your spiritual armour. The Bible talks greatly about guarding the heart and those words were written more than two thousand years ago. They still stand strong to this very day. Nor rust nor mould could destroy it. 




God sent His only son Jesus Christ to die on the cross so that you don’t have to die. He rose Him up from the grave to show you that your dead situation can come to life because there is hope. He has promised His spirit to anyone who needs it; irrespective of your cast, colour, religion or race. And it is all free of cost. You don’t pay a dime!


This spirit of His will be your comforter. Call on His name and watch Him stretch out His arm to rescue you. There will always be hope in Him.




Jesus loves you! His words are:




“Because I live, you also will live.” -John 14:19




“He will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honour him.” -Psalm 91:15




In the end there comes a time when we all need a saviour.


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