JUNE, 2020


In our rat race for success, in our wild goose chase for wealth, we’ve lost our ability to hold our horses and learnt to count our chickens before they hatch.

By busy fighting for animal rights rather than feeding our hungry neighbour, we missed the elephant in the room.

Our education system has gone to the dogs. When we needed to know more about the birds and the bees, it just made more of one-trick-ponies. These systems have taught us to judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. That’s why most of our children live lives thinking they are stupid.

The influence of social media has put ants in our pants and drastically reduced our attention span. With an altered attention span, we now let our politicians weasel their way out of scams and scandals no matter how many times their cat has been out of the bag. Some of them who look like they’d never hurt a fly, are often the cats who swallowed the canary.

We’ve chickened out when it comes to our own bodies and rather be copy cats of what we see in celebrities. It all started with the monkey-see-monkey-do on television.

Wars have dropped people like flies because everyone wanted the lion’s share.

We need to wake up, WE need to be the change —It’s time to take the bull by it’s horns lest we be playing the piggy-in-the-middle until the cows come home.

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