JUNE, 2020


You might be the most successful entrepreneur, the wealthiest businessman/woman, the brainiest student, the highest rated doctor, the most articulate scholar, the most reliable engineer or the best in whatever you do. But if thou hast not God, thou art nothing!


Understand this: your success, wealth or any other achievement for that matter is nothing but temporary. Today you are good at it, tomorrow someone else is.

Thomas Burke in 1896 set the 100 meter sprint record at 11.2 seconds. In 2009 Usain Bolt smashed it at 9.58 seconds. There will always be someone to surpass all that you once thought to be the ultimate of its form. That’s how temporary our lives can be. Like the Bible puts it,  “you are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” -James 4:14


An earthquake is all it takes to bing down the most beautiful and luxurious buildings. That itself proves how fragile our achievements are. Structures that have taken years to build, buildings that stood for centuries only to crumble at the moment it mattered the most when weather took it’s toll. BUT, breaking down is not the issue as long as the foundation still remains —The foundation of God.


For as long as the foundation remains, you can rebuild. The day you think of doing away with that foundation (God) is the day you’ll start building on sand. And when the storm comes, which for sure they will, this building will be completely destroyed and there will be nothing to build from again.

All that remains is rubble, debris and scrap.


What happens to scrap? It’s either sold in the market for something that’s much less than what it once was worth, it’s sometimes given away for free because it’s so useless to the keeper or worse; sometimes it lies in rot and decays away…


We’re living in the stormiest of times. Winds of depression blow strong, sudden thunder strikes of loneliness send shivers down the spine, the scorching heat of broken relationships dry up whatever love that’s left, we sail in a sea of extra marital affairs and divorces where there seems to be no sign of loyalty in the distant horizon, the cold nature of social competition will make you hypothermic and immobilise you. A life that has no God as it’s foundation will fall victim to these storms.


Keep God as the centre of all that you do. Seek Him with all your heart. Put your trust in Jesus and watch Him never fail you.

With Him, you’ll walk on the sea and not drown, He’ll be your comforter in depression, your shade in the scorning heat, your warmth in the freezing temperatures. He has a history of using worthless scrap and making leaders out of them, taking decaying bodies and resurrecting them. Such a life will never crumble, your building will stand strong. Because now, you have a foundation!



Are your happy days showing no signs of life? Come to the one who resurrects. To the author of life —Jesus.


“He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will not be shaken.” – Psalm 62:6

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