So, I’d like to call this situation a ‘window period’. 

Let me explain. Having spent almost half my life now at sea, working offshore for various oil companies as a deep sea diver; my job requires me to dive deep (sometimes to the seabed) in order to complete the given task.

Mariners like myself are well versed with how choppy the weather, how strong the current and how high the tide can get.

Speaking about current, the ocean might be pretty romantic/poetic/artistic to look at but when currents are strong, they can transport huge vessels kilometres away in minutes!

We divers at times come face to face with this sworn enemy of ours.

A diver can be working calmly underwater and in a matter of minutes, if the tide picks up, he can be in a dangerous condition to work in let alone his return on deck (tell me about it).

There’s no way a human (and machine for that matter) can fight nature. That’s where ‘tide tables’ come into the picture.

Tide tables are these brilliantly invented charts that predict how long a particular tide will exist. Accordingly, the current too will be affected.

Tides change every six hours. In between these six hours, there’s a small time of total calmness. No tide, no currents. That’s what we call a window period. Divers use these windows to the full of their advantage to complete their tasks. You miss this window, and it’ll be nearly impossible to work underwater.


God has provided us with such windows in our daily lives for our relationships too.


Take for example a particular person you’re not in talking terms with anymore. A person whom you used to be very close to at one point but now you, yourself find it strange as to how y’all have turned into strangers.

It might have been a misunderstanding by anyone of you or a third person’s fault for causing the rift between you two.

The days that you have spent in silence and distance from each other, are the choppy weather days that your relationship is going through. It might seem like things aren’t going as planned. Hearts are distressed. But take heart! There’s a window coming.

Amidst all this hate, anger and ego, there’ll come tiny glimpses of sweet old memories that you both shared. Small milliseconds of experiences that might bring a smile on your face. These are the window periods life is giving you to go and get the job done! —get your relationship back on track.


Here’s what you’re supposed to do: As soon as you see/experience something that might remind you of them, call them up and tell them about it! If not, text them! If not, email them! Do something but get them to know that you remembered them. They could be anybody; a friend, a relative, a spouse or even a colleague. If they matter to you, use this window to help you ignite that spark and rekindle the flame that you once had.

You never know…your window might give them many more windows to reach out to you.


Make relationships. Don’t break them.

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