Our conscience




Yes, science can prove how from a microscopic level the physicalities come together to bring into being a body that can be seen and felt. It’s so technologically advanced that it can show you a three dimensional figure of you in your tiny swimmer form fertilising an egg. But it cannot trace the origin of the conscience. We are so blinded in this current age that we see and feel through the eyes, devoid of a conscience. We argue that there is no God; then why is it that we still look for truth and justice in things? It is because we have a conscience that yearns for truth and justice. An atheist may not believe in God, but he sure believes in truth and justice. So let me tell you, truth and justice are the very attributes of God Himself. And these attributes have been in man since his creation when God breathed His very life into us. Now tell me you still believe there is no God? We’re living in desperate times. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Our generation is plagued with broken relationships, loneliness, stress, failures, infertility, no direction in life, suicide, depression and the list goes on. It’s high time that we stop asking if there is a God and start believing in Him.

-Nial Benjamin

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